Why choose IPM?
Why not?.

No seriously, why chose IPM?
As the name of the Website suggests, we have come up with an innovative solution to a longstanding challenge that our snowbirds face.

What is the challenge?
The underlying challenge in owning a property in Florida is knowing whether or not that property is being looked after and cared for properly.

OK, what is IPM’s solution to this challenge?
Through the use of QR Codes IPM has solved the ever present problem of knowing if your property monitoring company is actually going into your property to perform the work that you have paid them for

You have my attention. How do you assure the property owner that IPM has viewed the property and has completed all the tasks?
IPM places a QR code on a wall inside your property. When our property monitor enters your property he immediately places his smart phone against the QR code and that triggers an automatic email and or text message sent to the property owner informing him that his property is being inspected. We also introduce ourselves to your next door neighbours so that they get acquainted with our services.

Sweet!! What happens next?

In addition to the auto-generated email and text message a web page with all of the pertinent information is displayed on the monitor’s device. He uses this information to inspect the property.

What steps are taken if an issue with the property has to be addressed?
It depends on the severity of the issue. In moderate to severe situations we notify both the property owner and the service company to resolve any issues that need immediate attention. These include but are not limited to water damage, air conditioning concerns and break ins.

How do we know how long the property monitor is inside the property?
As the property monitor is leaving the property he accesses the QR code again. This prompts another email and or text sent directly to the property owner.

So, how much is this great service going to cost?
Great question!! We charge $12.50 per inspection 3 times per month for a condo. If you feel as if you want the property monitored more than 3 times per month we charge an additional $8.50 per visit. A house is $15.00 per inspection and $10.00 additional after 3 times per month.

Lovely!!! I am convinced. How do I sign up and how do I pay?
We try to make this all extremely simple for you. You can sign up online or call in. We accept all major credit and debit cards. We are looking forward to being your property monitoring specialists.